Interactive multimedia installation

We develop multimedia experiences customized to meet all your needs. Looking for that WOW effect? For that element that will distinguish your event, exhibition, product launch, gala, exhibit stand or marketing activation? Our interactive multimedia installations are perfect for you. Whether in the form of a ludic game, an artistic installation or a marketing tool, this type of media will add an innovative and technological aspect to your project.


Motion Design and 2D/3D Animation

You are looking for a dynamic way to present your company, your new product or project? Ideal to illustrate your message in a quick, efficient and captivating way, our motion design and 2D/3D animation services are the best solutions to boost your content delivery. With our creative graphic vision and our experience in scripting animated videos, our team will guide you through the production of your visual designs, whether they are required for an event or for standard digital media.


Video mapping projection

Keep up with the current trends and add video mapping to your event. Mapping is the art of applying video content directly onto the surface of conventional objects or structures in order to transform them into digital set pieces. This technology will allow you to enhance your venue, recreate virtual environments or accentuate precise elements in order to visually improve your event.


Interactive presentation tool

This application is definitely the best way of presenting your products and services during client meetings, sales pitches or for your promotional exhibit. Gather all your information and products in a single and unique interactive application programmed according to your needs and conceptualized consistently with your brand image. The interactive application is an innovative tool which will facilitate the work of your salespersons and representatives, and will keep your visitors interested.


Rendering and 2D/3D still imagery

You need visual support for your digital or printed publications? Our service of still imagery creation, commonly known as rendering, will allow you to professionally enhance your communications and products. Whether they are extracted from a video we produced or completely created for your project, our skilled team will generate high quality still images through our expertise in creating impressive graphic elements, visual effects and 3D modeling.

Production of multimedia experience